Right now it seems to be a thing to have an opinion about S.H.'s opinions (*).
I don't really care that much about her opinions, but as a follower of internet fashion I read her latest blog post and I found the last sentence interesting:
"The easiest way to see that the problem exists is that they deny it."

So you can either agree with her and support her argument, or you can deny it, which also supports her argument.
I find it interesting that the rhetorical tricks of the dark ages are now entering the scientific discourse ...

(*) Btw the comments made by wolfgang over there are not mine.

added much later: It seem that Sabine is going to sue her most aggressive critic in court.

the ABC conjecture

Three people at a party: Alex is married, we don't know much about Betty and Chris is unmarried.
We notice that Alex is constantly staring at Betty, but Betty is only looking at Chris all the time.
This seems to be yet another case of a married person looking for too long at an unmarried person.
But can we be sure? What is the probability that this ABC conjecture is true?

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