keeping the distance

My distance to Lubos, Jacques and the Pontiff is 6; Sabine is one step closer with 5. I am not connected to Peter Woit.

But I am truly honored that I am only four handshakes/publications away from Richard and only six from Albert and Werner.

My Erdős number is also 6, but it should be 4 (i.e. less than the median of 5 and the mean of 4.65) if the tool would know about an unpublished preprint with Des Johnston; This would also bring my 'Hawking number' to 4.

added much later: Btw my Bacon number is also 4, because my wife appeared in the movie "The Other Woman", with Cameron Diaz - who has a Bacon number of 2. Of course, there are some home movies where I appear together with my wife. However, this requires a liberal application of the rules, because my wife was an uncredited extra and our home videos are not in any movie database 8-)

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