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CIP wrote about languages which have no or only a few words for colors.
This reminded me that I wanted to write about impossible colors. They are of two types and "bluish yellow" and "reddish green" are of the 2nd type, which normally cannot be seen, but the brain can supposedly generate those colors. There is a trick to see e.g. "bluish yellow" described on the wikipedia page, but when I try it, at best I see a "dirty green".
What do you get?


John explains what this year's Nobel prize is about (at least one part of it).


According to the latest forecast, Matthew will reach us Thursday morning as Cat 3 hurricane. Similar to Frances in 2004. I will update this post from time to time.

added: A water vapor image loop.

Wed 9:30am: With every forecast the track shifted a little bit to the West; now it is expected that Matthew will pass Nassau slightly to the West, which makes it worse for us (more surge and rain). Also the sustained winds are expected at 130mph, which is exactly between Cat 3 and 4.
In other words, Matthew will be significantly worse than Frances was and probably the worst hurricane I experienced so far.

The white line is currently the ensemble average of several computer models, indicating the return of Matthew ... WTF !

Wed 7:30pm: Matthew is back to Cat 3 with 120mph winds.
We have the shutters down already. Electric power will be turned off at 11pm, if it does not go out earlier, which will also end internet access. Btw this is one difference between Bahamas and Florida, where they usually leave electricity on until the wind takes down power lines.

Wed 9:30pm: Power is out now, but internet not yet (as you can see); with the electric power the water supply went out too.

Thu 6am: Surprisingly, power is back, we have water and internet. The hurricane is Cat 3 and expected to strengthen to Cat 4 as it passes Nassau to the West.
We have interesting 12h ahead of us, but so far no visible damage to the house.
Currently we have 175 km/h winds, which will increase to 200 km/h between 10am and 11am (according to

Thu 8am: The power is gone again and it seems that the eye wall is finally approaching. The sound of the wind is getting scarier ...
Some trees are down.

Thu 9am: Some scary noises from the roof now; either something landed on it or some shingles took off.

Thu 2pm: It seems the worst is behind us but the wind is still very strong.
There is some damage to our patio but the roof is not leaking.
Lots of trees down and stuff lying around on the street ...
Power is still out and will probably be out for a while, internet runs on battery.

Thu 10:50pm: My final update. Power is already back and we are ok. I hope Florida is well prepared for Matthew.

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