the audience

This pathetic little blog keeps limping along with almost no audience. I post all that profound stuff but hardly anybody sees it. On the other hand, a tiny audience is still better than no audience, which seems to be the main reason it is so difficult to just shut it down.
Of course, millions if not billions are in the same situation, maintaining blogs, twitter accounts and facebook, with an audience that consists mostly of bots and spammers.

There are only a few stars with a large following and of course this is what motivates people to try their luck in Hollywood or Washington in the first place, to become a star and find an audience. Our "culture" today, from reality tv to YouTube, can be best explained as people desperately trying to find an audience. Of course, the current US president is at the forefront of all this; content only matters to the extent it increases the audience and what really matters in the end is the size of the crowd and not much else.

In the good old times everybody had an audience and it was the best audience, in fact the best audience of all possible worlds; He was always watching everything. I believe Freud explained that our parents are always with us, even if they are old or dead by now, and they keep watching us as long as we live. But it seems that this kind of audience is not enough and so we are slowly but surely moving towards a final solution: I believe Google, NSA and Alexa are just the first steps towards a brave new world with superior AI watching us around the clock, registering and processing everything we do, say and think.
I suspect, extrapolating from the present to the future, that the main purpose of this omnipresent, omniscient AI shall be targeted ads. In other words, further increasing the audience for stuff nobody would otherwise be interested in ...

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