How not to die ...

A few things changed during the last six months.

We moved from The Bahamas to Malta; one advantage is that I don't need to follow the track of hurricane Dorian closely.

We moved to a plant based diet, after reading Dr. Greger's book How Not To Die.
If you are worried about heart attack, stroke, cancer and all that you may want to visit his webpage.
Btw a while ago there was some back and forth with CIP about the paleo-diet; meanwhile I learned that the real paleo diet was mostly plant based with very high amounts of fiber.

I go the gym now every day, do breathing exercises and try to improve my sleep; it is not easy getting old.

Last but not least, I try to exercise my brain to delay the onset of dementia - but I forgot why ...

To blog or not to blog ...

... that is the question.

added later:

Sean published yet another book promoting the many worlds interpretation. I did not read it, only saw a short review.

Obviously, they don't read my blog(s) - otherwise they would know why m.w.i does not work: link 1 and link 2.

So why write blog posts that nobody reads? Well, there is a good chance that Black Mirror has it right (as usual); my experience is just the result of some simulation (btw if you believe the m.w.i. then you have to believe that) and so the blog posts I wrote are for a higher being, who certainly appreciates the wisdom of my thoughts, otherwise why would She keep the simulation alive ...