should have been over with a long time ago

"“When I did this now I said, I probably, maybe will confuse people, maybe I’ll expand that, you know, lengthen the time because it should be over with, in my opinion, should have been over with a long time ago.”

Scott Adams thinks he is a master of persuasion, but for some reason his approval ratings do not show this (yet).
A study of his speech patterns, and how they developed over time, suggests a mental health issue to some.
But I still hope that one day soon he will reveal to us that his presidency was initially only a PR stunt or some sort of practical joke; but it went wrong and now he does not know how to end it.

"From the time I took office til now, you know, it’s a very exact thing. It’s not like generalities.”

added later: But he does know real estate.

sugar tits

"If you’ve ever had a glass of chocolate milk and found yourself wondering where chocolate milk comes from or how it’s made, you’re not alone. [..] According to a new survey, nearly half the US population (47 percent) are unsure about where chocolate milk comes from."

If you wonder how president Trump was/is possible, the answer might be in there ...

caution and climate change

Stephen Hsu wrote about Epistemic Caution and Climate Change and I mostly agree with him, in particular his first sentence: "I have not [..] invested significant time in trying to understand climate modeling." (*)

Faced with the uncertainties of climate change, a conservative approach would (try to) minimize the output of CO2 (and methane) in order to minimize (potentially catastrophic) risk. However, this comes with significant economic costs and the debate of how to share those costs globally - in other words politics. Another layer of uncertainty and the main reason this issue is such a mess imho.

My hope is that new technologies will save us once again and indeed solar cells are rapidly improving and prices are falling quickly. But a big problem is the storage of electricity and progress there (from flywheels to new batteries) has been slow.

Perhaps the next "climate accord" should focus on funding of research and development of such new technologies, instead of setting limits on CO2 emissions; an approach which has not worked so far.

added later: (*) He got some interesting comments, e.g. here, and Steve Carson linked to his own blog.