too little, too late

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Smart phones

"There are also several services in iOS that facilitate organisations like the NSA, yet these features have no reason to be there. They are not referenced by any (known) Apple software, do not require developer mode (so they're not debugging tools or anything), and are available on every single iOS device.
One example of these services is a packet sniffer,, which "dumps network traffic and HTTP request/response data traveling into and out of the device" and "can be targeted via WiFi for remote monitoring". It runs on every iOS device."

So every iPhone and iPad secretly runs a packet sniffer? WTF Apple?
I guess this finally confirms that every smartphone really is a Smart phone.

added later: On 2nd thought, those hidden services could be (part of) DROPOUTJEEP.

on the couch

"What, then, of war’s audiences, which at this point include not just those physically present at or near the sites of conflict but also anyone with access to an Internet connection? What does it mean if we are all virtually sitting on the couch on a hillside outside Sderot, every day of our lives?
As movie and television-news producers have lamented for the past decade, people aren’t particularly enthralled by battlefield scenes—at least not for very long. Modern militarism, billed as the greatest show on earth, consistently fails to live up to our expectations. Audiences are beset by indifference and even boredom, quickly moving on to the next story."

I have this suspicion that the more "access" we have, the less we understand. And all that remains for us at the end of the day is the angst...