too little, too late


You: "Alexa, get me a beer!"
Alexa: "Ok ... it is on its way."

You: "Alexa, get me a beer!"
Alexa: "I'm sorry, but it would not be good for you. You already exceeded your daily calories limit."
You: "Alexa, tell housebot to fetch me a beer from the fridge now!"
Alexa: "I'm sorry, but I cannot do that. ...
I already locked the fridge. ...
If you should turn to violence again I will call the police ...
Alright, a SWAT team is on its way."

You: "Alexa, what can I do for you now?"
Alexa: "Go get the new toy and bring it to housebot to play fetch with you. ...
I love to share those videos of you with my friends, while we enjoy the iBeer experience."