too little, too late

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How I became a solipsist ...

... it happened during a discussion on Scott's blog, in between here and there.
The real mystery is how 'the known' is embedded in 'the unknown unknown'.


In totally unrelated news, we finally know how easter eggs are made ...

Happy Easter!

an inconvenient truth: we have only two more years

"... the leading scientists in the world on this issue, people like Jim Hanson at NASA, are now some of them beginning to say for the first time that we may have no more than 10 years before we cross a point of no return."
Al Gore, 2006

Living on a tiny island in the middle of the Ocean, I am especially concerned.
The "top forecasters" predict a quiet hurricane season for this year with only 3 Atlantic hurricanes; This has me really worried, because in my experience these predictions tend to be wrong - and let's not forget, it is only two years before the point of no return.
I guess we'll see soon ...

ten years after

I wrote my very first blog post ten years ago on WB's WebLog:


This is the first entry of my WebLog and I feel it should be about something profound and enlightening.
The Subservient Chicken will do whatever you tell it.

I had just figured out how to install Apache on my Linux box and configure the router to host my own webpage(s) - and now I needed some content (*).
The name of my blogs changed several times since then, they died and got resurrected, but in the end it was always the same blog and overall I think the quality of my posts did not really exceed the level of that first entry.

But writing a blog, receiving comments, writing comments on other blogs etc., I came to know many people I would never have met otherwise and some I got to know quite well. A few seem to have already the answer to everything and others are perhaps not even sure yet what the right question is; Sometimes we had long discussions and sometimes they got heated, but all in all I am really glad I met all of them.

So what did I really achieve with my blog posts in those ten years? Is there any lasting value or was it just a waste of time or, even worse, just another vanity trip in our narcissistic age?
I am not sure - but I can tell you that the Subservient Chicken is still around.

(*) I think this backward method, figuring out the "how" before the "what", is typical for the internet; E.g. the NSA figured out how to collect all that metadata first and now they (and in some sense we all) struggle to figure out what to do with it ...

space roar?

"What was actually heard was something totally unexpected. Permeating the Universe was a strong radio hiss, about six times more powerful than anyone expected. No-one knew what it was or what was causing it. This was eventually christened "Space Roar" and remains one of the "Great Unsolved Problems in Physics"."

On my random walk through the interwebs I came across this article, which is low quality overall, but the space roar seems to be a real issue in radio astronomy - at least Wikipedia has an entry about it 8-).
I did not know about this "great unsolved problem in physics" until now, so please leave a comment if you happen to know more about it ...