having a good time

"He’s a great guy. Smart. Strong. Loves holding my hand.
People don’t realize he loves holding my hand. And that’s good, as far as that goes.
I mean, really. He’s a very good person. And a tough guy, but look, he has to be. I think he is going to be a terrific president of France. But he does love holding my hand.
Same thing happened to Hitler. Not for that reason, though. Hitler wanted to consolidate. He was all set to walk in. But he wanted to consolidate, and it went and dropped to 35 degrees below zero, and that was the end of that army.
But the Russians have great fighters in the cold. They use the cold to their advantage. I mean, they’ve won five wars where the armies that went against them froze to death. [crosstalk] It’s pretty amazing.
So, we’re having a good time. The economy is doing great."


Yes, I agree this is "pretty amazing". But I do have a question about the "five wars".
Everybody knows about Adolf and Napoleon - perhaps he even knows about the Great Northern War and the Crimean War (I doubt that). But what was the fifth war?

added later: " “And then you call places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and you say, you know, how many people do you have? And it’s pretty amazing how many people they have.” NYMag


CapitalistImperialistPig said...

Perhaps he was thinking of the well-known "cold war?"

wolfgang said...

I guess it was pretty cold then, just think about The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.
But not many people know that ...

Anonymous said...

The Russians lost the War in Crimea because the British, French and Ottoman armies froze to death? Btw, there's a really nice panorama of the battlefield in Sevastopol.

wolfgang said...

I was referring to The Russo-Crimean war 1571 - 1572 (link is in the post), however the Battle of Molodi took place in July/August so I doubt the Russian victory was really due to cold weather ...