bluish yellow

CIP wrote about languages which have no or only a few words for colors.
This reminded me that I wanted to write about impossible colors. They are of two types and "bluish yellow" and "reddish green" are of the 2nd type, which normally cannot be seen, but the brain can supposedly generate those colors. There is a trick to see e.g. "bluish yellow" described on the wikipedia page, but when I try it, at best I see a "dirty green".
What do you get?


CapitalistImperialistPig said...

Very interesting. The chimerical colors were easy, but I'm not good at crossing my eyes so I could only get little flashes of something that might have been either dirty green or bluish yellow.

wolfgang said...

One problem for me is that with "crossed eyes" the grey letters of the description move into the square. But the main problem is that as soon as I try to focus on the ""bluish yellow" color to see it better, the whole thing goes away of course.

Lee said...

I'm red-green color blind. I can tell red, but normally I have to be very close in order to differentiate it from the background. It is definitely not a bright color for me. Anyway, on the chimerical colors, the first two seemed to work, but on the last one I got a lighter color on the background instead of a darker color. On the bluish yellow color I could see yellow around and in the blue and vice versa, often more intense than the actual colors, but I never got anything that seemed to mix.