adventure of a lifetime

Scott tries to (not) answer why the universe exists.
But I suspect what people really want to know is 'Why do I find myself in this strange virtual reality game "Confused Soul On Planet Earth VII" and what happens after I reach the final level?'

Some think they can find an important clue in old books, perhaps even the credits and a hint about the author, but I think it is fair to say that such attempts have failed to reveal anything interesting; the intelligent designer may not be too proud of this creation after all.

Don't get me wrong, there are many great ideas in it, especially in the math and physics area, and many clever puzzles need to be solved yet.
But the whole 'human suffering' idea (*) alone ensures that we are dealing with a design deserving of a Gentleman's C at best.

So what is one supposed to do? I recommend to keep working on a few interesting puzzles and otherwise enjoy the music and dance like a monkey...

(*) But consider what Friedrich thought about that.


Anonymous said...

The game design is very flexible, but you can only play once and there is not really a way to win so I give it a B+

Anonymous said...

Anybody know any hacks for those stuck on Earth IV?

wolfgang said...

>> hack
Take the red pill.