Merry Christmas

In case the holidays are becoming too boring at some point, I have a simple game for you and a 2nd player:
You need a round (i.e circle) or rectangular table and lots of coins, all of the same size. Now you take turns placing one coin after another on the table. The coins cannot be moved once they are placed and they cannot touch each other. The first player who does not find enough space to place another coin shall lose this game.
Now make sure that you are the first to place a coin, because then there is a simple winning strategy.
But what is this strategy?

via Der Spiegel


wolfgang said...

You find the answer in the comments to the previous blog post 8-)

Lee said...

Merry Christmas to you Wolfgang. Thanks for providing enjoyment for the rest of us.

Wolfgang said...


Merry Christmas to you and all readers and
I wish us all a peaceful New Year too!