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I just noticed that TBFKACIP laments "the loss of smart guys like Wolfgang and Arun" as commentators on his blog.
Thanks for the flowers, but actually it is not very smart to wrestle with pigs (x) and it is also not very smart to repeat myself; but unfortunately I feel that I have to set the record straight one more time.

The link in his post points to the "wrong" comments. Yes, I did argue with TBFKACIP several times about his idiotic stance on the Israel/Palestine issue, but his tasteless remarks about Austria, Hitler and Herzel were not the reason I decided to stop commenting at his place.
This came a bit later, after one of his regular commenters wrote that "Jews are even more heavily represented in the upper echelons of Wall Street, banking, and the media.
The media circus over the murder of three Jewish teenagers in Israel perfectly reflects their distorted priorities."
This type of comment is indistinguishable from Goebbels propaganda and I pointed that out, but TBFKACIP felt the need to support the commenter and her remarks (*).

And at this point I decided that this was finally far beyond wasting my time and that I don't want any part of this.

added later: (x) Not very witty, but it is the name he chose for his blog; his choice, not mine.

(*) Just for the record of what was written (because some seem to have problems remembering the details): His response was " Insults are pretty cheap. You might want to do the actual work of seeing whether what [..] claims is actually true - and whether that's relevant even if it is true.
Those who have looked carefully at the Israel lobby in the US have concluded that it is really an alliance between what is really a pretty small minority - American Jews and the much larger group of Christian conservatives ..."

Actually I don't want "to do the actual work" of checking the truth of antisemitic nonsense and discuss the "alliance" of American Jews and Christian conservatives to better understand "the media circus over the murder of three Jewish teenagers".
And I don't want to have a discussion with people who do.


Anonymous said...

A case of different pc cultures.
In Germany this line of argument is easily recognized as Neonazi talk and in US it is a normal part of the liberal discurs of Israel on Huffingtonpost.

wolfgang said...

Perhaps you are right and I admit that there are two different approaches to this:

I could engage in a debate about "the Israel lobby" and point out that lobbyists are simply a major part of US politics, from Apple to Saudi-Arabia.

If somebody talks about the high ratio of jews in finance and media I could insist that even if true it would make no difference to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.
etc. etc.

Or I can simply point out that Goebbels' propaganda is not a reasonable world view and move on to something more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Germans think they have to prove they are not still Nazis by pretending to believe that any criticism of Israel is tantamount to Mein Kampf.

Good luck with that.

wolfgang said...

>> pretending to believe that any criticism of Israel is tantamount to Mein Kampf.

any criticism?

Please feel free to discuss criticism of Israel based on the number of jews in US finance, media and the grand zionist conspiracy with cynholt and TBFKACIP - but not with me.

wolfgang said...

Btw TBFKACIP now complains about a blog war.

I find this interesting, because i) he started it (this blog was basically dormant for a while now) and ii) he wrote 3 posts while I wrote 1 to correct his misrepresentation of what happened.

Now he complains about "the insulter/slanderer" and in the same sentence that "they occasionally say something intelligent".

I think that at this point he mostly fights a blog war with himself and since I only say occasionally something intelligent I will end here ...

Lee said...

I guess I'm kind of responsible for this by referring to you in a comment. I'm sorry about that.

wolfgang said...


he has finally removed the link to this blog from his blogroll, so the whole thing was good for something after all.

Btw as far as I remember, the 1st commenter who left his blog was Levy; but I don't remember why (and if there even was a particular reason).

Lee said...

I think he wrote his name Levi, and was one of my favorite commenters. He didn't give any reason for leaving, but he did come back with one last comment (after some years of no comments) in the 2008 election because he was happy that Obama won.